Guard Rails

Guard wires can easily be overlooked  when your rigging is replaced, but they are an essential safety feature on most yachts. The picture above shows what can happen if they are neglected. Jagged ends or broken strands are a danger in themselves, and of course the whole guard wire is weakened. Plastic coverings can hide serious damage, why not ask us to check yours while we are working on your boat?

We supply and fit guard wires in stainless steel or  synthetic fibres. Webbing and netting  can be installed as required.

We offer a variety of fittings, including swaged terminals and talurit eyes.

Choose between a lashing (for rapid release with a handy knife) or a bottlescrew end fitting if preferred.

To make boarding easier, more and more yachts are having mid-ship gates installed. We can carry out this procedure, including the supply and installation of stanchions.