Grand Soleil 39

Inspection, full  re-rig, stanchion bases and guard wires.

This yacht is owned by a client who likes to race, whilst still providing some comfort for those cruising days. The yacht had just had substantial work carried out on its interior, and on deck, so next up was the rigging.

Work Done

We carried out a full rigging inspection and provided our usual detailed report. The client duly came back to us with a jobs list and we got to work.

Our rigging inspection had highlighted the age and condition of the standing rigging, and after supplying a competitive quote we were commissioned to proceed. All rigging was replaced with high quality 316.14 stainless steel wire.

Other important work included corrosion treatment on the mast, replacement of spreader clevis pins, and repairs to the spreader roots. As always, we finished the rigging work with a Rig Tune, and this time provided “Smart Pins” instead of the standard split pin.

Happy the standing rigging was now bombproof we turned our attention to the other jobs on the list. We had new stanchion bases custom made to fit the unfamiliar and untraceable originals. Once the bases were fitted, we made and installed the new improved guard wires.

Finally  we supplied and spliced a sexy new “Racing Dyneema” halyard, spliced to a Wichard key pin shackle. Little touches can make all the difference to the pleasure of sailing a well-rigged boat!